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Gubbio is a fascinating city and perhaps the most beautiful medieval city, definitely rich in history and monuments that have bewitched influential characters such as Gabriele D'Annunzio and Hermann Hesse. The Eugubine Tables of the 3rd-1st century b.c., the remains of the Roman Theatre of the first century b.c. as well as myriads of fragments of the Bronze Age, testify to its ancient greatness. The medieval urban structure, an urban project conceived in the communal age and joint intact in its monuments mostly built of stone, has remained unchanged to this day. To visit with particular interest are the Cathedral of Saints Mariano and Giacomo and the Museo Diocesano, Palazzo dei Consoli and Museo civico, the Art Museum of Palazzo Ducale and the Saint Ubaldo Basilica.

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vitta della pieve

Città della pieve

Included in the comunità montana of Trasimeno mountains, Città della Pieve is a country of almost 8000 inhabitants.
Beyond the walls through the Sant'Agostino and Santa Maria Doors, you could visit the Cathedral of Saints Gervasius and Protasius, St. Agostino Church, Santa Lucia monastery, the beautiful buildings and Perugino's house.
Palazzo della Corgna is the most important among the mansions of Città della Pieve and owes its construction to Ascanio della Corgna will to give prestige to the Governorship.
Inside of Saint Peter's Church there is a fresco of 1508 made by Perugino, reported on canvas after a quake, depicting Saint Anthony and Saints Marcello and Paul. The Oratory of San Bartolomeo contains a fresco depicting The Crucifixion.

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In the most mountainous area of Umbria, Cascia owes its importance to the Shrine erected in Santa Rita memory, one of the most important spiritual centres of the region and famous pilgrimage destination ... but also to its renowned hospitality and good food! Santa Rita, the nun beatified in 1900, lived between 1381 and 1457; known as dispenser of graces, is revered worldwide and many people goes on pilgrimage every year during the celebrations at the Shrine consecrated to her.
The town's main attractions are the Shrine Basilica and the Santa Rita monastery, the gothic Church of San Francesco and Sant'Agostino. In this part of Umbria is typical and exclusive the growing of Saffron, a totally natural product obtained exclusively from the violet flowers of a small plant.

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Assisi is one of the most beautiful cities of Umbria. With its fascinating landscape and medieval buildings, Assisi is a superb tourist destination and one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the world, rich of interest and worship places. Among the most important monuments that can be visited there's the San Francesco Basilica, which actually consists into two churches (Upper and Lower Basilica) and the Holy Franciscan Convent; from the Lower Church you can alight to the crypt in which rests the body of Francesco, the Saint. We also remember the Santa Chiara Basilicas, San Rufino, the Hermitage, the Rocca Maggiore and so much more to see.
Come and discover Assisi, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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